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Do you like keeping an eye on your competitors? With one simple click, we show you the current categories for any Google My Business (GMB) page, so you can see why competitors may be potentially winning in local search.


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A free Chrome Extension that allows “spying” on competitor Google My Business Categories

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“Categories” in GMB are a leading SEO trigger for ranking high in Google search


Miriam Ellis


@georgenenni Folks are really digging your GMBspy extension. Congratulations, again, on the launch of it, and I hope you'll enjoy my column over at @Moz.


Winning with Google My Business

Today, local SEO (search engine optimization) is about winning with Google My Business (GMB). This does not mean winning on your brand name since Google takes care of that. True winning with GMB is ranking high for non-branded, category search. One of the best ways to rank high on non-branded search, is to take advantage of GMB Categories. If a competitor is out-ranking you on Google search or Google Maps, it may be related to their category choices? With GMBspy, you can peer into the competitor GMB Categories to see why they might be outranking you for key search terms.


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