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Do you like keeping an eye on your competitors? With one simple click, we show you the current categories for any Google Business Profile page, or now with version 3.01 we show the categories of local search winners for any query.


This powerful new capability allows you to see why competitors may be potentially winning in local search.

View competitor categories

A free Chrome Extension that allows “spying” on competitor Google Business Profile Categories

Customized specifically for Chrome

Chrome Extensions are widgets that are specifically designed for the Chrome browser

Learn what categories work

“Categories” in GBP are a leading SEO trigger for ranking high in Google search


Today, local SEO (search engine optimization) is about winning with Google Business Profiles (GBP). This does not mean winning on your brand name since Google takes care of that. True winning with GBP is ranking high for non-branded, category search. One of the best ways to rank high on non-branded search, is to take advantage of GBP Categories. If a competitor is out-ranking you on Google search or Google Maps, it may be related to their category choices? With GMBspy, you can peer into the competitor GBP Categories to see why they might be outranking you for key search terms.

For technical support on GMBspy, Tweet to @generationsdig

Miriam Ellis

Miriam Ellis


@georgenenni Folks are really digging your GMBspy extension. Congratulations, again, on the launch of it, and I hope you'll enjoy my column over at @Moz.


GMBspy Chrome Screenshot
Select listing then click GMBspy icon to display categories


  • How do you install the GMBspy extension?
    Installing the GMBspy extension is simple! Just visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “GMBspy”. Once you find this in search results, click the “Add to Chrome” button on the top right side of the page. After that, a pop up window will appear verifying that you want to add the extension to your browser, click “Add extension”. Finally, pin the extension to your browser and start tracking your competitor’s Google Business Profile categories.
  • Can this extension change my Google Business Profile settings?
    No, this extension does not change any of your Google Business Profile settings (however, after using it for a while you may feel the need to edit your own GBP listing!)
  • Does the GMBspy collect any data?
    No, the GMBspy extension does not collect any data from its users or from internet visitors.
  • Is there a subscription fee?
    The beauty of the GMBspy extension is that it is completely free! No subscription is needed - once it is added to your Chrome browser, you are free to use the extension all you want.
  • How do you use the GMBspy extension?
    After adding GMBspy to Chrome and pinning it to the Chrome toolbar, you’re ready to go. From there, simply navigate to any Google Business Profile listing via Google Search or Google Maps. After that, click on the GMBspy icon located to the right of the search-bar to view the GBP categories. When you choose the "Selected" tab, the tool will show you only the categories for the selected GBP page. If you choose "Local Pack" you can view the GBP categories for the top search results. Keep in mind the Local Pack tab will only work when searching for a business category, vs. a specific business name. An example search would be 'coffee near me'. If the GMBspy tool ever fails to perform, just refresh your Chrome browser and that should fix things. When all troubleshooting fails, you should remove the GMBspy extension and re-install it from the Chrome Store. That’s it, we hope you enjoy the GMBspy!
  • Why are Google Business Profile Categories so important?
    Google Business Profile (GBP) categories are important because they carry the most weight in terms of search ranking for GBP properties in the “local pack”. Adding categories to your GBP listing helps feed Google’s Knowledge Graph about your business. Choosing your primary and secondary GBP categories should be strategic and meaningful for your specific business.
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