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Are you ready to use Google Analytics 4?

In his second edition of A Car Dealer’s Guide To Google Analytics 4 (updated late 2023), automotive digital marketing expert George Nenni teaches dealers how to build events, conversions and reports in Google Analytics 4, including the new Automotive Standards Council (ASC) events. This essential guide shows dealers exactly how to configure GA4 using real-world examples.

George Nenni: A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Analytics 4 (second edition)

You can only improve what you understand.

In his latest industry book, A Car Dealer’s Guide to Digital Marketing, online marketing guru George Nenni guides dealers through the complex world of digital marketing.

A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Business Profile - 2nd Edition - Georg Nenni

A Car Dealer’s Guide to Google Business Profile - Second Edition

In this second edition updated for 2023, online marketing expert George Nenni walks you through the process of mastering Google Business Profile, a free online platform for listing your key business information, including address, contact information, photos and reviews.


George Nenni

Founder, Generations Digital

George Nenni is the founder of Generations Digital, a technology marketing analytics firm that empowers car dealers to eliminate ad waste and maximize their marketing dollars. He is the author of A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Analytics 4 (second edition), A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Business Profile (second edition), and A Car Dealer's Guide to Digital Marketing, all three available on Amazon. George is also the creator of the GMBspy Chrome Extension. He is a highly sought-after global industry speaker and has been published extensively in industry publications.

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