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Google Analytics 4

In March of 2022, Google announced they would stop tracking new website traffic using the current Google Analytics Universal in July 2023. This requires all websites to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) prior to that date.

One important area that also changes with GA4 is the UTM tagging options, they expand greatly with the new system. There are several new channel groupings that can be triggered with proper UTM tagging of campaign URLs.

This new GA4 UTM Tagging Guide will help agencies, businesses and dealerships properly UTM tag their paid campaigns, taking advantage of the many new channel grouping opportunities.

I want the free Google Analytics 4 UTM Tagging Guide

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George Nenni
Founder, Generations Digital

George Nenni is the founder of Generations Digital, a technology marketing analytics firm that empowers car dealers to eliminate ad waste and maximize their marketing dollars. He is the author of A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Analytics 4, A Car Dealer's Guide to Google Business Profile, and A Car Dealer's Guide to Digital Marketing, all three available on Amazon. George is also the creator of the GMBspy Chrome Extension. He is a highly sought-after global industry speaker and has been published extensively in industry publications.

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